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Unlimited subscriptions to Salesforce reports

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All your data stays in Salesforce, there is no third-party risk associated with our App

All Reports

ReportWatch is compatible with all your Reports: Standard and Custom report types included.

Conditional Alerts

Be alerted every time a Report meet your subscription conditions directly in your email

Export Report

Receive the report under the format : csv or xls as attachment to your email alert

User Friendly

ReportWatch is built on the Lightning Interface and offers an intuitive experience for the users. The Subscription process is identical to the Standard one.


ReportWatch is fully Reponsive : Subscribe and receive notifications directly from your phone and/or laptop

Manage all your subscriptions from a single screen

You can easily create, edit or delete a subscription from your personnal Dashboard and keep track of the reports you are subscribed to


  • Unique pricing includes the full package, unlimited number of subscriptions.

€3 870/Org

  • Billed annually.

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